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5 AWESOME RWD Sportscars for $15,000!

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    Help us reach 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS! www.youtube.com/channel/UCVx5ZqHmGq1PZE_4GUxIe8w
    Today I go over 5 Awesome Rear Wheel Drive SPortscars you ca


    Help us reach 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS! www.youtube.com/channel/UCVx5ZqHmGq1PZE_4GUxIe8w
    Today I go over 5 Awesome Rear Wheel Drive SPortscars you can buy for $15,000!

    RWD cars with manual transmissions are tones of fun! But without breaking the bank, here are 5 great options!

    1: 2013 Scion FR-S
    There are quite a few first year FR-S cars out there with above 30k miles that would make for one heck of a budget RWD sports car.

    No the fates car in a straight line, but the handling is amazing, bucket seats are great, and it is toss-able in the turns.

    My #1 pick since it will have low mileage, its relatively a new car so reliability won't be an issue and it's ridiculously practical.

    2: 2012-2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T/3.8
    I owner a 2.0T for 4 years and my brother owned a 3.8 for 1 year.

    Depreciation killed these cars and at this point I can even find some 2013 3.8 Track models at this price! A 2.0T will have good power stock, and great tuning potential.

    The 3.8 is plenty fast stock and takes off in a line.

    Still a pretty new car with under 40k miles.

    Very practical, lots of luxury features and very powerful.

    Great handling, but is on the heavy side, and people will still say "Just A Hyundai".

    My #2 pick though!

    3: 2005-2008 Nissan 350Z/2009 370Z
    While I love owning my 370Z, going to this price range it will have high miles.

    60-100k miles is a bit to much for what I would want, and the 370z will definitely show signs of ware.

    Still reliable and a great car, but a 350Z at the same price will have half the miles and will probably be cleaner.

    Both cars have powerful V6 engines and are very toss-able and tons of fun! At this price I would rather have a FR-S or Gen because the interior is more modern with more amenities than a 350 and those are new cars with less miles.

    But if a 2 seater is what you want, a 350Z is perfect.

    4: 2007 Chevrolet Camaro SS
    Finding a V8 modern muscle car at this price will come with some sacrifices.

    At this point an SS will have closer to 100k miles, so bigger maintenance bills and reliability could be a concern.

    But a 400+HP muscle car with modern interior amenities, great handling and practicality is hard to beat!

    5: 2004-2007 Ford Mustang GT
    The Mustang...

    rather the 'Dime-A-Dozen' 'Sportscar" in America.

    There are tons of V8 Stangs for $15k.

    While it has low power for a V8, you can easily build it up and add a supercharger or turbo and make a serious drag car! Downsides are the fact that you will be lumped in with 'Mustang Owners' who can't leave Cars & Coffee in a responsible manner.

    But if you drive sensible you can have some fun.

    This will be an older car with a plastic interior, but it is super practical and has tons of potential.


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