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6 Men's Style Hacks EVERY Man Should Know | Fashion Hacks for Men

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    Fashion Anchor: fashionanchor.com
    Promo Code: MODEST5 (use for $5 off)

    Big thanks to Fashion Anchor for sponsoring this vide


    Fashion Anchor: fashionanchor.com
    Promo Code: MODEST5 (use for $5 off)

    Big thanks to Fashion Anchor for sponsoring this video! You already know that style is all about the details.

    The little things can make or break your entire look, so it's important to get them right.

    There's such a fine line between effortless and sloppy, isn't there? No one wants to look sloppy.

    We all want to look sharp but also like we're not trying too hard.

    Oftentimes this means getting your clothes tailored or buying custom clothing.

    But there are some lesser known "hacks" that are very easy and very cheap, if not free.

    You just have to know about them.

    And today I'm going to teach you my 6 favorite style hacks for men.

    HACK #1: The DIY Shirt Collar Adjustment

    Ever put on a dress shirt with a collar that's just a little too tight, which is uncomfortable, or just a little too loose, which looks sloppy? Here's the quick DIY fix you can do at hime in just a few minutes - no tailoring or sewing machine required.

    Mini Sewing Kit: amzn.to/2tblldK

    HACK #2: Fix "Fly Away" Collars

    You know how when you get a new polo, the collar has a nice crisp shape, and it lays nice and flat on your shirt? But then, a few months later, the collar takes on a life of its own and starts to warp and fly away like it's trying to leave you for another shirt?

    Fashion Anchors: fashionanchor.com/

    HACK #3: Use the "J.

    Crew" Sleeve Roll

    When wearing a button up shirt without a tie or jacket, rolling up your sleeves can be very rugged and masculine.

    Not to mention, countless surveys have shown that a man's arms are one of the most attractive parts of his body.

    The best way to achieve the above-the-elbow roll is by using the so-called "J.

    Crew" roll, which was actually popularized by John F.


    This happens to be one of the faster ways to roll up your sleeves, so it's a win-win.

    HACK #4: Cuff Your T-Shirt Sleeves

    If you've ever worn a t-shirt with sleeves that are too long, you know that it can make you feel (and look) like a little kid.

    The solution is simple and stylish - cuff the sleeves once or twice depending on the length.

    Ideally, they would stop halfway between your elbow and arm pit.

    HACK #5: Pinroll Your Pants

    If your pants are too long AND too wide, but you don't have time to get them tailored, you can use a cuffing technique called the pinroll to shorten AND taper them - simultaneously.

    How to Pinroll Tutorial: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDanzC9Nrnw

    HACK #6: Shorten Your Shoelaces

    Like so many things in the world of clothing and accessories, most shoelaces are one size fits all.

    So you get a new pair of shoes, lace 'em up and tie a single knot, and you've got these huge bunny ears flopping around with every step you take.

    It's not a clean look, and it's also a tripping hazard.

    Heat Shrink Tubing: amzn.to/2rp8Xph

    Detailed Tutorial: mdst.mn/shorten-shoelaces

    I hope you can use 1 or 2 of these tips to help elevate your style.

    Thanks again to Fashion Anchor for sponsoring this video - be sure to use the discount code in the description.

    And if you have any "hacks" or tricks to add to the list, leave them down in the comments.
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