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4 Easy Outfits for Men | The Blue Lookbook | Men's Fashion Inspiration Fall 2017

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    Here are 4 easy outfits for Men 2017!
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    Here are 4 easy outfits for Men 2017!
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    Which outfit was your favorite?

    Today's video is what I call The Blue Lookbook! Each of these easy men's outfits include at least one blue element.

    Blue is one of my favorite colors, as you can tell by my Instagram, so I decided to pick some of my favorite outfits to serve as outfit and fashion inspiration to you guys.

    So here are my 4 easy outfits for men, for your fashion inspo! The Blue Lookbook is here for Men's Fall Fashion 2017!

    1st Outfit
    Henley: bit.ly/2xFonJj
    Pants: bit.ly/2x0QSUR
    Shoes: Zara

    2nd Outfit
    Jacket: bit.ly/2x0Zwm9
    Shirt (similar): bit.ly/2x0wUcQ
    Pants: Zara
    Shoes: Zara

    3rd Outfit:
    Jacket: Zara
    Polo: bit.ly/2ey3ZoU
    Pants: H&M
    Shoes: COS
    Watch: bit.ly/2xFNKLj

    4th Outfit:
    Knit Shirt: bit.ly/2ePIjld
    Pants: bit.ly/2x11vXM
    Sunglasses: bit.ly/2x0WhuU
    Watch: bit.ly/2xFNKLj

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    Easy outfits for men | Men's Fashion Inspiration

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