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Underground Shelter | Interior Design | #7, Season 3

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    INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/robesondesignteam
    Watch the REVEAL of this Underground Shelter - youtu.be/PqM-6Faoxck
    Watch the lead u


    INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/robesondesignteam
    Watch the REVEAL of this Underground Shelter - youtu.be/PqM-6Faoxck
    Watch the lead up to Project Airstream:
    INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/robesondesignteam

    Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and team have completed the custom building and furniture for this incredible Underground Shelter! This 50' long, 8' wide submerine-like space is transformed into a pleasant living space for a family of 4 prepared for the worst! Why would anyone want a shelter 20' underground? Call it a Bomb Shelter, an Underground Shelter, Armageddon hideaway or UGS...

    This once gloomy, claustrophobic space is transformed into a beautiful, allbeit tiny home for todays modern Doomsday Prepper.

    While this video emphasizes the visual design aspect, rest assured, every survival detail has beed accounted for and secured!
    Numerous underground water tanks, proper air and ventilation units, power grid access, generators and solar panels will support the unit in every possible scenario the family could face.

    Hidden access, ballistic door, and additional underground storage rooms complete with exercise equipment are included but not shown.
    3 years of food, drinking water, supplies, ammunition, first aid, and of course...

    a few well chosen survival Twinkies are in place.

    This challenging project as taken over a year to complete but we think you’ll agree that even without showing you any of the fabulous decorating, the time spent was worth it.

    And the project looks, Amazing!

    Join Rebecca as she walks you, narrowly…through Project Airstream.

    Along the way she will reveal project insights and share some of the design complications and challenges she and the team faced while working on such a unique and exciting project.

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    Videography by Matthew Moran
    Editing by Dorian Tucker

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