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VERSACE Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Fall Winter 2017 2018 - Fashion Channel

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    VERSACE Fall Winter 2017-18 Milano Fashion Week - Fashion Channel

    Versace for all women, mixing romantic with active, florals with plaid, fem


    VERSACE Fall Winter 2017-18 Milano Fashion Week - Fashion Channel

    Versace for all women, mixing romantic with active, florals with plaid, feminine with masculine.

    Colours are vivid, transparencies are flirtatious, attitude is fearless.
    The new female power suit has a strong rounded shoulder and contouring double-breasted cut.

    It is worn over a white shirt with words of positivity, and the provocation of a sheer tulle skirt.
    Ergonomic lines cut movement into a long-sleeve dress, with degrade colour shifting across the body, and tulle slashes revealing the skin beneath.
    Fitted sheepskin jackets in bold colour are defined by their inside-out construction lines, with exaggerated shaggy collars to maximise the effect.

    Short black athletic dresses with overlocked seams are femininised by a kick in the cut, while short ruffle dresses are swirls of movement, cut along sinuous lines.
    A feminine open-weave plaid is used for short-sleeve tops, skirts and one-shoulder dresses cut with effortless twists.
    Knitwear is versatile, from sporty compact knits to mohairs and sweaters that are as if layers of different knits worn together.
    Sheer tulle skirts are embroidered like a new lace, with vertical lines that flip into godets, creating flirtatious movement.

    Other tulle dresses are embroidered with acid floral patches.
    Shaved mink is laser-cut like a transparent fur coat, inset with vivid fox to create the effect of plaid.

    Meanwhile another extraordinary shaved mink is embellished with acid floral patches.
    Dresses have a flashes of floral print, while long sheer georgette dresses are printed with florals that warp and shift colour as they move down the body.
    Tulle is embroidered with crystal to give the effect of crystal mesh, the resulting cocktail dresses keeping their dynamic form as if frozen in motion.
    Brand new bags are super soft, whether it's a drawstring shopper with braided charms, a flat-fold messenger, a new hobo or an elongated colour-contrast clutch that can be carried two ways.
    High heel ankle-strap sandals have dynamic Versace logos, while the new Daphnis watch celebrates the power of the Versace Greek key.

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