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How to Wear Brown Shoes | Men's Leather Dress Shoes Oxford Derby

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    Learn How To Wear Brown Shoes, how to combine them and
    when not to wear brown shoes.

    In this comprehensive video.



    Learn How To Wear Brown Shoes, how to combine them and
    when not to wear brown shoes.

    In this comprehensive video.


    In today's video, we're going to talk about how to wear brown shoes, how to combine them and
    when not to wear brown shoes.

    In the 19th century, Beau Brummel set the tone for men's fashion.

    He was a big proponent of black eveningwear and so people also wore black shoes.

    At that time, rules like "No brown in town" or "No brown after six" just ensured that people dressed in a socially acceptable way.

    By the 1930s, Edward, the prince of Wales, became the arbiter and he basically dictated what people wore.

    If he would wear something, the general public would pick it up shortly thereafter and he was a big fan of brown slip on shoes.

    Oftentimes, he would wear brown and white Spectator shoes and so brown became more acceptable in the general public.

    If you want to learn more about history, check out our article on How to wear brown shoes here.

    Today, dress codes are much more relaxed than they were fifteen or sixteen years ago.

    If you wear a well-fitting suit today or a combination, you are much better dressed than the average

    So "No brown in town" or "No brown after six" are simply not valid anymore.

    What matters is that you look good.

    It's much better to wear a well-fitting suit in Brown shoes than to wear an ill-fitting suit with black shoes in town after 6 pm.

    Most debonair Italians I know only wear black shoes for funerals, for weddings and for black tie, white tie events.

    Otherwise, they go with brown and so can you.

    One of the really nice things about brown leather is that it develops a patina, unlike black shoes.

    That means over time, you get this nice look of the leather and it's really pleasant and it's not something you can achieve with dark shoes.

    Also, you can really see leather textures on brown shoes much better such as scotch grain, or pebble grain or suede.

    With black, they just disappear.

    Unlike black, brown comes in a variety of shades so you can really create a unique color palette in your shoe closet.

    Here are some guidelines on how to wear brown shoes but keep in mind that it's just that.

    It's a guideline and it's never absolute.

    It's just here to help you create your own look.

    Three piece business suits, two-piece business suits, solid, small patterns, fine stripes, Glen plaids, this is what we're talking about here right now.

    If your suit is black, you should wear black shoes.

    When you should have a black suit to begin with, is another question but don't combine black suits with brown shoes.

    Just stick with black.

    For Charcoal suits, I personally prefer black over brown, even dark brown because I think it just works together much better.

    Definitely avoid Tan and you can try it with a dark reddish brown or red pair of shoes.

    For mid-grey suits, black works
    but in terms of brown, you can really start combining now, you can wear dark brown, maybe burgundy red and you can even try lighter shades of brown.

    For dark Navy suits, black is an option but you really want to go with brown for a more modern look.

    I think burgundy is outstanding, tan can work, mid brown can work and it's really all up to you and how much contrast you want to create.

    For a lighter navy, I think black oftentimes looks better but again, you can try to ease in with darker shades of brown, chocolate brown, medium brown, maybe add suede as a texture to counteract the worsted business suit style and can work really well.

    For Khakis, dark brown works well or reddish browns or mid browns especially if they're like tan, khaki, beige and it's really versatile and looks much better than anything black so stay away from black and try to keep enough contrast between your khakis, your pants and your shoes.

    If you have tan colors, what's really great is Cordovan or Burgundy red.

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