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    Hi Everyone!
    Moriah, our Pinterest Manager, visited me in the Bay for a few days from Houston.

    We decided to do a weekend Pinterest project! I'm so bus


    Hi Everyone!
    Moriah, our Pinterest Manager, visited me in the Bay for a few days from Houston.

    We decided to do a weekend Pinterest project! I'm so busy booking myself with clients that I haven't had time to transform my work space.

    Join us on our journey as Moriah and I take down my old Ikea desk, install a brand new one, go shopping at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Target, and more to create a functional AND cute, inspirational work place for me.

    If you like this video and want details on the items, let us know by liking this video and leaving a comment below :-)

    Be sure to check out our blog post: blog.theorganizationorg.com/ho...
    Our Pinterest board with the inspirations for the home office: bit.ly/1PxB4Iz


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