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Jake Paul Reveals Reason For Kicking Alissa Violet Out Of Team10 House

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    And this time, he dropped a pretty huge bomb...

    and then he deleted it right after but wh


    More Celebrity News ►► bit.ly/SubClevverNews

    And this time, he dropped a pretty huge bomb...

    and then he deleted it right after but what happens on the internet stays on the internet for evah.

    If you haven’t been keeping up with all the Jake and Alissa drama, just know that these two exes’ current relationship is not amicable at all.

    In fact, it’s been months since Jake has talked about Alissa and vice versa, but that all changed when Jake revealed the very reason he kicked Alissa out of the Team 10 house earlier this year and no, it wasn’t exactly because they broke up and things were weird between the two.

    According to Jake, it was because Alissa had sex with his older brother Logan.




    He tweeted to a fan QUOTE, “Yeah…and this time I’m not being silent.

    Alissa fucked my brother… that’s why I kicked her out… oopsie I just told them the truth…I’m done being the “bad guy.” Martinez & Alissa backstabbed me…”
    And then of course he deleted it.

    BUT everything and anything put out on the internet never goes away for good.

    No matter how quickly you press the delete button.

    While Alissa has yet to actually respond to Jake’s allegations, she tweeted a pretty confusing message shortly after the tweet.

    Alissa simply tweeted QUOTE, ‘Wait what hahahaha.” That might just be as good of a response as we’ll get.

    Anyway the whole thing sounds messy.

    Logan hasn’t said anything about Jake’s reveal either and since he and Jake have had a pretty rocky year together, Logan is probably going to keep a low profile just to keep the peace in the family.

    What did you guys think of Jake’s huge bombshell? Do you think it’s true or do you think Jake is just stirring the pot to create a ton of drama? Let me know in the comment section below.

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