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Rihanna Fans TROLL Kylie Jenner Over Her Makeup Line

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    Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty line last Friday that includes a groundbreaking 40 shad


    More Celebrity News ►► bit.ly/SubClevverNews

    Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty line last Friday that includes a groundbreaking 40 shades of foundation, a primer, cream and powder highlighters, cream concealer and contour sticks, blotting powder and paper, lip gloss, as well as brushes and sponges.

    Fans have particularly been fan girling about the fact that the Fenty Beauty line gives women of color way more options than are usually made available by main stream beauty lines.

    And while surely there’s plenty of room for both Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, fans of Rihanna’s line are slamming Kylie Cosmetics calling it cancelled.

    When Kylie Cosmetics posted a photo recently showing off the Kylighter powder highlighter, the post received over 750 replies with a solid percentage of replies coming from Rihanna stans saying things like – “Pack your bags sis, Rihanna is gonna take over from here” and “Fenty beauty just dropped…you’re CANCELLED.” Another said “Rihanna has delivered Kylie’s eviction notice.”
    When Kylie Cosmetics posted another photo of Justine Skye wearing the Brown Sugar matte lip kit, people started to criticize Kylie Cosmetics lack of diverse options in comparison to Fenty Beauty saying things like - "Just admit it, #FentyBeauty with all its diversity has got you shook, with your 'one black shade fits all' model."
    Teen Vogue recently spoke with Rihanna about her decision to create a makeup line for people of all skin tones.

    She explained her motive saying QUOTE - "You want people to appreciate the product and not think, 'Oh, that's cute, but it only looks good on her.”
    Fenty Beauty is of course not Rihanna’s first walk around the make-up park.

    She has collaborated with MAC several times in the past including a four-part RiRi Hearts color cosmetics collection in 2013 as well as on a Viva Glam lipstick to raise money for AIDS research in 2014.

    With all of that being said I want to hear what you guys think of Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty line and do you think Kylie Cosmetics has some serious competition? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to hear Kylie reveal why she got lip fillers.

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